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    • Round Table

    • Registration & VIP Reception

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Opening Session

    • Welcoming Address

    • Son Dong-Young

      CEO, The Seoul Economic Daily

    • Opening

    • Title Video and Laser Performance

    • Congratulatory Remarks

    • Vision Declaration

    • Group photo with slogan banner

    • Keynote Speech 1

    • Animashree Anandkumar Professor, Caltech

      Former senior director of AI research at NVIDIA

      Former principal scientist at Amazon Web Services

    • Keynote Speech 2

    • Kim Sangbae Professor, MIT

    • Dinner

※ Please note that the program timetable may be subject to change


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    • Registration & VIP Reception

    • Participants Registration

    • Opening remarks

    • Son Dong-Young

      CEO, The Seoul Economic Daily

    • Special Lecture

    • Kim Kinam President, National Academy of Engineering of Korea

Main Session : Survival Strategies in the Era of Technological Hegemony

    • Session 1

      Global Technological Hegemony Competition and Korea's Response Strategies

    • Speaker

      Daniel Lee Professor, Cornell University

      Ryu Soojung CEO, SAPEON

      Stephen Braim Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs IBM

      Moderator & Panelist

      Lee Seong Yeob Professor, Korea University


      Lee Jeong-Dong Professor, Seoul National University

      Chang Woong-Seong President, Office of Strategic R&D Planning

      Seo Yongseok Professor, KAIST

      Kim Sang Mok Vice President of AI Enterprise Biz, SK Telecom

      Yoon Kyung A Head of Lab.Senior Vice President, KT Tech Innovation Group AI Tech Lab

      Kim Shin Cheul Associate Vice-President for Research and Development , HKUST

    • Lunch & Round Table

    • Session 2

      AI and Semiconductors - Securing Advanced Technologies for Economic Security

    • Speaker

      Rhee Woogeun Professor, School of Integrated Circuits, Tsinghua University

      Choi Jung Han Senior project manager, Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz Institute

      Moderator & Panelist

      Kim Joungho Professor, KAIST


      Uhm Yul Director General of ICT Policy Bureau, Ministry of Science and ICT

      Ahn Ki Hyun Vice President, KSIA (Korea Semiconductor Industry Association

      Lee Kyu Bok Executive Vice President, Korea Electronics Technology Institute

      Kim Youchul Unit Leader, LG AI Research

      Choi Young Sang VP of Technology, Samsung Electronics

      Kim Lokwon CEO, DEEPX

    • Coffee Break

    • Session 3

      Robotics and Mobility - Manufacturing Innovation and the Mobility Revolution

    • Speaker

      Kim Joohyung Associate Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

      Bill Choi Head of APAC and North American Region, EHang Holdings

      Moderator & Panelist

      Cho Dongil(Dan) CSO, RS Automation


      Lee Han Bin CEO, Seoul Robotics

      Christopher Chang Senior Vice President, Kakao Mobility Corp.

      Choi Likoon Vice President, Hyundai Motor Company Robotics LAB

      Lee Jae Suk Head of Advanced SW Innovation Lab / Vice President, Doosan Robotics

      Cho Hye-Kyung Professor, Hansung University

      Kim Sangbae MIT Professor

※ Please note that the program timetable may be subject to change