Survival Strategies in the Era of
Technological Hegemony

The Seoul Economic Daily, Korea's pioneer in business journalism, is marking its 64th
year with the Seoul Forum 2024, to be held on May 28-29 at the Shilla Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul.
This 15th edition of the forum will focus on Survival Strategies in the Era of Technological Hegemony.

As the rivalry between the United States and China escalates and global geopolitical tensions rise,
countries worldwide are restructuring their supply chains for high-tech sectors such as
semiconductors, batteries, and autonomous vehicles.
They are also vying for supremacy in advanced
technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics.

Korea has carved out a prominent position in the semiconductor industry, particularly in memory chips.
However, its standing in the next decade is uncertain due to stiff competition from other nations.
The country lacks a distinct competitive edge in most future industries,
including AI, autonomous and electric vehicles, and robotics.

Countries lagging in the high-tech race are increasingly dependent on those with technological dominance.
With nations concentrating their resources on technological superiority,
Korea must pursue an audacious strategy not only to survive but to lead.
The Seoul Forum 2024, hosted by the Seoul Economic Daily, will delve into the era of
technological dominance and explore methods to revolutionize research and
development (R&D) while nurturing innovative talent to secure cutting-edge technologies.

Comprising three main sessions, the forum will scrutinize the era of technological imperialism
and assess Korea's progress in semiconductors, AI, future vehicles, and secondary batteries.
Moreover, three special forums will offer insights into the future of domestic industries and technologies.
It is our expectation that the Seoul Forum 2024 will furnish vital insights for enhancing
the competitiveness of high-tech industries and propel Korea's growth engine forward.
Thank you.


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