Introducing the seoul economic daily


Introducing The Seoul Economic Daily

The Seoul Economic Daily, founded on August 1, 1960, holds the distinction of being the first economic newspaper in Korea. For over six decades and counting,
we have pioneered the field of economic journalism while Korea witnessed its remarkable economic growth. In 1961, when the Five-Year Economic Development Plan was announced,
we expanded our coverage of securities and real estate markets, connecting the public to the business world. We are a living testament to the dynamic growth of Korea, capturing the nation’s challenges, successes, crises, and opportunities.

The late Ki-Young Jang, also known as Baek Sang (百想), served as the first publisher of the Seoul Economic Daily. Having also served as the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, he inspired the nation with his vision for economic growth and prosperity, providing hope during a time of hardships and discouragement.

By 1980, the Seoul Economic Daily had firmly established itself as the finest economic newspape
with a circulation of 100,000 copies and a market share of over 70%.
We were also the first economic newspaper to publish a New York edition.

However, the Seoul Economic Daily faced a challenging period when it was forcibly discontinued on November 25, 1980, as part of media integration and abolition measures implemented
by the new military government. Despite this setback, the Seoul Economic Daily persevered, and after a long wait, it was revived on August 1, 1988, when the discontinued newspapers were reintroduced during the June Democracy Movement in 1987.

At that time, it was part of a comprehensive media group that included the Hankook Ilbo, a general-interest newspaper;
the Korea Times in Korea and the US; the Ilgan Sports, a sports newspaper; the Korea Weekly; and Popular Science, a renowned foreign magazine on popular science.

Since then, we have continued to thrive. In line with the changing media landscape, the Seoul Economic Daily expanded its reach through various channels, including Seoul Economic Network , a cable broadcasting specializing in economics, and a digital media center.
In 2022, it became the only daily newspaper in Korea to have digitized all its issues, embracing the digital era while preserving its rich legacy.

Despite a period of hiatus due to forced closure in the late 20th century, the Seoul Economic Daily is shaping the 21st century with a pioneering spirit,
solidifying its position as the top economic authority and expanding its global network by collaborating with esteemed international media outlets.