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Personal Information Management Policy

Seoul Forum 2023 Secretariat(‘’, hereinafter the “Forum”) values privacy. The Forum has established this personal information management policy as follows (the “Policy”) in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilisation and Information Protection. This Personal Information Management Policy outlines the measures we take to safeguard the personal information of the persons who use the Forum’s website and other services (the “Users”) and our commitment to complying with applicable laws and regulations.

1. Purpose of Personal Information Management

A. The Forum collects the following types of personal information via our registration process done both online and on paper.
a. Required information: Name, Company, e-mail address, home address, phone number, and job title.
b. Not required information: RCS news subscription.

B. During the use of the Forum’s online services, the following personal information can be generated and collected.
a. Use history, access log, cookies, IP address, payment record, and suspension record

2. Purpose for the collection and use of the personal information

The Forum processes personal information for the following purposes:

A. Provision of services
a. Responding to inquiries regarding the Forum and its registration process
b. Providing the participants’ database to the Seoul Economic Daily
c. Informing users of how to take part in the Forum

B. RCS News Service
a. RCS News Service will be sent only if a user subscribes to it and the user may cancel the subscription at any time.

3. Provision and Sharing of Personal Information

The Forum by principle does not disclose the personal information of the users with a third party, except for the following cases.
a. If the users consent is acquired in prior
b. If required by law
c. If asked by a law enforcement agency for the purposes of an investigation under due process

4. Entrustment of Personal Information Processing

The Forum entrusts certain affairs related to personal information processing as follows in order to organize the Forum and provide the News Service. The Forum also has set the requirements for the safe management of personal information according to the relevant law. The following is the entrusted party and affairs of personal information

● Entrusted party: The Seoul Economic Daily
● Entrusted affairs: Provision of RCS News Service
● Duration of Entrustment: three-years
● The personal information will be retained for the purposes of distributing periodicals on non-commercial forums and conferences.
This is in accordance with the Article 15 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

5. Retention and Use Period of Personal Information

The Forum shall retain a user’s personal information until the user expresses intent to withdraw their consent to the use and collection of personal information. The expression can be made directly or via a post on the Forum website. Upon receiving such a request, the Forum shall delete the personal information at once. However, if there arises a need to preserve such data due to applicable laws including the Commerical Act, then the Forum may retain the personal information even after the purpose of collection or provision has been achieved.

6. Process and Methods of Personal Information Disposal

In principle, the Forum destroys the collected personal information without delay when any of the personal information becomes no longer necessary, including by expiration of the retention period or fulfillment of its purposes.
The process and method of disposal of personal information are as follows:
- Process
The personal information a user has entered will then be moved to a separate database(in case of personal information in paper form, the Council will record such information in a separate document) and preserve it for the required period of time in accordance with applicable law and the Council’s internal policies, and will dispose of it after the required period elapses. In such a case, the personal information preserved will not be used except in strict adherence to the relevant law.
- Method
Information in electronic form will be destroyed using technical tools so as to make sure that such information will not be reproduced. Information in paper form will be destroyed by shredding it with a paper shredder or incinerated.

7. Rights of the Users and Method to Exercising Such Rights

A. User may at any time exercise the following rights against the Forum in order to protect their personal information:
(1) Right to have access to their own personal information;
(2) Right to correct any error;
(3) Right to delete their own information;
(4) Right to discontinue the processing of their own personal information.
B. The rights referred to in Paragraph A above may be exercised by making the request to the Forum as a hard copy, by email, or in person. The Forum will immediately take action upon receipt of such a request.
C. In case User requests correction or deletion of any error in their personal information, the Forum will not use or provide the concerned information until such correction or deletion is completed.
D. The rights referred to in Paragraph A above may be exercised by a legal agent or an authorized representative of the User. In such a case, a document to prove the power of attorney must be submitted to the Forum.

8. Personal Information Protection Manager

a. Name: Jin Gyu Shim
b. E-mail :
c. Phone number : 02-6288-9209

9. Changes in the Personal Information Management Policy and Notification

This Policy will take effect from May 10, 2023, and onwards.
You may view or download previous versions of this Policy below.
- April 23, 2021 - March 29, 2023

This Policy is last updated on May 09, 2023