Other events


Other events

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  • May.31
  • June.1
    • Roundtable 1
      (Grand Hall 2)

    • Moderator & Panelist

      Subra Suresh

      President of Global Learning Council /

      Former Director of National Science Foundation


      Shaun Patel

      CEO of REACT Neuro

      Davidi Vortman

      CEO of UltraSight

      Ming Dao

      Director of Nanomechanics Lab at MIT & Nanyang Technological University

      Nam-Joon Cho

      MRS-Singapore Chair Professor at Nanyang Technological University


      Lee Sang Yup

      Senior Vice President for Research & Distinguished Professor KAIST

      Ryu Branden

      BIORCHESTRA Co., Ltd. Founder and CEO

      Kim Hail

      KAIST Professor

      Lee Wonjae

      Yozma Group Korea CEO

      Kim Sook-gyeong

      KRISS Researcher

      Kwon Soonyong

      The Catholic University of Korea Professor

    • Roundtable 2
      (Grand Hall 3)

    • Moderator & Panelist

      Jeffrey Glenn

      Professor at Stanford School of Medicine


      Gerrit Storm

      Professor at Utrecht University, Twente University,

      and National University Hospital of Singapore

      Mark Cohen

      Dean of Carle Illinois College of Medicine, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

      Uzi Sofer

      CEO of Alpha Tau Medical

      David Churchill

      Professor of Chemistry at KAIST


      Eun Seong-ho

      Ministry Of Health And Welfare Advanced Medicine Support Officer

      Ju Young Seok

      Associate Professor KAIST / Genomics co-founderGenome Insight Inc

      You Seok Hwan

      Chairman/CEO of ROKIT Healthcare

      Kim Chulhong

      POSTECH Professor

      Bae Sungchul

      UNIST Professor

      Kim Junhwi

      LTIS CEO

    • Roundtable 3
      (Grand Hall 2)

    • Moderator & Panelist

      Paul Liu

      Deputy Scientific Director at the National Human Genome Research Institute

      National Institutes of Health


      Mordechai Sheves

      Professor at the Dept. of Molecular Chemistry and Materials Science

      Weizmann Institute of Science

      Rowland llling

      Chief Medical Officer & Director of International Public Sector Health

      Amazon Web Services

      Rodney Ruoff

      Director of Institute for Basic Science CMCM & Distinguished Professor at UNIST

      Orlando Scharer

      Associate Director of Institute for Basic Science / Distinguished Professor at UNIST

      Ronen Segal

      CTO of Alpha Tau Medical


      Wang Kyu Chang

      President of the National Academy of Medicine of Korea

      Park Han soo

      CEO of Genome & Co / Professor at GIST

      Kim Taehoon

      LUCA AiCell Head of Research

      Suh Pann-Ghill

      President of POSTECH

      Lee Ki Won

      Co-president of FoodTech in Seoul National University & Chair of Korea FoodTech Council

      Juri Jin

      Planning & PR Dept. Leader, Korea FoodTech Council