The Era of Advanced Biotechnology:
the Core of Healthcare, Economy and Security

Good day, The Seoul Economic Daily,
Korea's oldest economic newspaper,
is delighted to announce
the upcoming "Seoul Forum 2023"
- a global event scheduled to celebrate our 63rd anniversary
to be held at the prestigious Grand & Vista Walkerhill Hotel in Gwangjang-dong,
Seoul from May 31 to June 1.
The theme of this 14th iteration of the Forum is
"The Era of Advanced Biotechnology:

the Core of Healthcare, Economy, and Security."

The remarkable growth of the global bio-healthcare industry surpassed
those of electronics and automobiles, owing to aging populations
and technological breakthroughs.
Humanity’s relentless pursuit to conquer incurable diseases like cancer,
dementia, and aging has created
a powerful driving force
for the development of a wide range of bio-industries,
both traditional and nascent,
with the latter including digital healthcare,
regenerative medicine, brain science, and telemedicine.

Such advanced biotechnology has also emerged as a solution to
several challenges
in food, climate, energy, materials,
and, of course, healthcare.
In recognition of its significance, advanced biotech has beenincluded
in the 12 National Strategic Technologies by the government.
Through this Forum, the Seoul Economic Daily seeks to reiterate
the importance
of high-tech bio and stimulate its ecosystem in Korea.

The Forum will witness the presence of global scholars, entrepreneurs,
and government officials, including the Honorable Subra Suresh,
who served as President of the National Science Foundation (NSF),
President of Carnegie Mellon University, and President of
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Perspectives will be shared and the path forward for
K-Biohealthcare will be discussed.
Seoul Forum 2023 will take the form of a
‘Biotech Expo’as it starts with the Opening Ceremony,

followed by 4 Main Sessions and
10 Special Forums on advanced bio and healthcare.
We are hopeful that "Seoul Forum 2023" will significantly contribute
to the development of advanced
such as bio-health, and help secure growth engines in Korea.
Thank you.

SESSION1 How to Overcome Cancer,
Alzheimer’s, and Aging

Session 1 will focus on examining current global trends, against the backdrop of our super-aging society, in areas such as health, medicine, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, treatments, and Crispr technologies, with the goal of forecasting their future developments. We encourage participants to freely share their suggestions and insights as we strive to extend our collective wisdom.

SESSION2 Digital Healthcare & Advanced Biotechnology

Session 2 delves into the emerging trends and future prospects of bio-healthcare, which involves the convergence of IT, engineering, and advanced scientific fields. Additionally, we will explore the potential for Korea's export-oriented industrialization, as global companies and research groups lead the way in shaping these trends.

SESSION3 Green-bio and White-bio: the Solution of Food & Climate Crisis

In Session 3, we will explore the current domestic and international trends and future prospects of green bio and food technology. This will encompass topics such as the agricultural revolution, customized functional food, microbiome research, and alternative
& cultured meat. Furthermore, we will delve into global trends and future possibilities in the emerging field of synthetic biology,
which harnesses microorganisms to produce eco-friendly fuel, plastic,
and special chemical products.

SESSION4 The Strategies to Build Innovative Bio Industry Ecosystem

In Session 4, we will examine the innovation ecosystem in the global biotechnology sector, with a particular focus on the United States. We will explore the latest trends, developments, and strategies shaping the biotechnology landscape worldwide,
and discuss Korea's future blueprint
and development strategy in this field.